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Special Show


- 17.09.2011. -
The kinds falling under the club's nurture: malinois, laekenois, tervueren, groenendael, schipperke.


date of the show: 17.09.2011.
New closing date:
the place of an exhibition:
Budapest XVII. ker. - RKKI
1171 Budapest, Czeglédi Mihály u.17.
Mrs Jacky MacAndie Hall (GB)
Mr Gábor Hargitai (HU)
entry address:
Tímea Szalka, 1174 Budapest, Baross u. 8. fsz.1.
entry email:
entry prize can be paid:
account proprietor: MEOE HBJK
invoice number:(SWIFT) BUDAHUHB (IBAN) HU94 1010 2086 0972 3300 0300 2007



In the 2011 years organizing HBJK special exhibition is found.
We inform, the exhibition about his accurate site,
his entry conditions in the undermentioned ones:


Baby: 3-6 months
25.- Euro / dog
Puppy:6-9 months
25.- Euro / dog
Junior: 9-18 months
40.-Euro /dog & additional dog 35.- Euro
Intermediate: 15-24 months
40.-Euro /dog & additional dog 35.- Euro
Open: from 15 months
40.-Euro /dog & additional dog 35.- Euro
Working: from 15 months - 
(work exam with the coupling of a certificate)
40.-Euro /dog & additional dog 35.- Euro
Champion: national or international champion with a title 
(with the coupling of a certificate)
40.-Euro /dog & additional dog 35.- Euro
Veteran: from 8 years
25.- Euro / dog
Hobby: into all age groups owing, at who a herdbook is not, 
but Belgian sheepdogs
10.-Euro / dog
Couples : 20.-Euro
Breeders group
Junior Handler


Arrived until the entry deadline only in these categories entries we accept it.
The hobby we separate a class's entry prizes for the unclaimed Belgian sheepdogs.


we ask it to the entry sheet to attach it the copy of pedigre, the champion in a class the champion the copy of a certificate, the work in a class the work the copy of a certificate.


In as much our exhibition enters sporting event, we desire a pleasant pastime,a good exhibition !
We ask it brings it for his dog (his dogs) his original pedigree,
his vaccination book,his pet passport (it is necessary to be at his disposal)! 
The judge we maintain the right of a change .